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Earlier this week, Kansas City radio host Kevin Kietzman made headlines when he criticized Andy Reid with remarks that many interpreted as citing the death of Reid’s son. Kietzman later offered an apology while claiming he wasn’t actually making reference to Reid’s late son.

Today, Kansas City reporter John Holt reported that Kietzman would be leaving the station:

Union Broadcasting did indeed release a statement shortly after, squarely in the Friday afternoon news dump window:

Union Broadcasting, Inc. President, Chad Boeger announced today that Union Broadcasting and Between the Lines host, Kevin Kietzman have mutually agreed to part ways and allow Kietzman to pursue other opportunities.

“We would like to thank Kevin for his dedicated service over the last 22 years,” Boeger said. “Kevin has been a valuable member of the Sports Radio 810 WHB team. We wish him all the best on his future endeavors and good luck moving forward.”

“It’s been my honor and privilege to host Between the Lines for the past 22 years and I’m proud of being a founding partner of this great local company that is so committed to our community,“ Kietzman said.

We want to thank our clients, partners and loyal listeners for their continued support.

As is consistent with our policy on personnel matters, Union Broadcasting will have no further comment.

This was probably inevitable, considering the comments themselves and the ensuing national criticism.

[810 WHB]

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