Credit: KMBC

Promoting a Kansas City Chiefs appearance in the AFC Championship Game must be old hat for local TV stations. Given that this is their sixth year in a row here, they must have those graphics ready to roll.

Perhaps understandably, they wouldn’t have their Baltimore Ravens graphics handy since this is that team’s first appearance here since 2012.

Still, it’s always good to double-check your graphics before putting on the broadcast, because you might end up promoting the wrong Ravens.

That appears to have happened to Kansas City’s ABC affiliate KMBC. According to a screenshot shared on X by Farzin Vousoughian, the Ravens logo they used to promote the AFC Championship Game was a very different Ravens squad.

The logo used belongs to Olathe Northwest Ravens, a high school located in Olathe, Kansas, which is a half-hour outside of Kansas City.

So you can see what happened. Someone searched Ravens, a black and purple logo came up, and someone who isn’t a massive NFL fan didn’t look too closely before locking everything into place and sending it on its way.

The error made its way to the high school, which had some fun with it and responded accordingly.

Unfortunately for the Chiefs, they’ll have to play a different Ravens this Sunday for the chance to play in Super Bowl LVIII.

[Farzin Vousoughian/KMBC]

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