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Former NFL Network analyst Heath Evans, who was fired last month by the network, is speaking up about his dismissal and the sexual harassment allegations that led to his firing.

In a five-part statement (written out in his iPhone’s Notes app), Evans denies the allegations made against him, claims NFL Network knew about the allegations since October of 2017 (not suspending Evans and others until the allegations became public in December), and provides evidence that he was exchanging texts with Jami Cantor, the woman who filed the lawsuit against NFL Network, a month before Evans became aware of his mention in the allegations. He also admitted to sending “pictures of a sexual nature” to Cantor two years ago, which he claims she also sent him.

After Pro Football Talk published an article that contained a statement from NFL Network, standing by their decision to let him go, Evans fired back.

First, here’s the statement from NFL Network, via PFT.

“Heath’s employment was terminated as a result of his own misconduct – which he freely admitted to on Twitter today,” NFL Network said in a statement. “Before severing its relationship with Heath, the NFL carefully considered all of the circumstances, including the information that Heath provided. In the end, the NFL concluded that his conduct was not acceptable in our workplace and we stand by our decision to terminate his employment.”

Next, here’s Evans’ response to NFL Network’s statement, where he accuses the network of hypocrisy by keeping him on air for six weeks after they learned of the allegations and claims the network never threatened to fire him until after they settled the lawsuit.

Evans also claims that there will be “more truth to come,” so it doesn’t appear this story is going away any time soon.

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