Cricket is one of the world’s most popular and loved sports. Avid cricket fans across the globe watch their favorite teams compete in cricket matches.However, to keep things interesting, cricket boards of the world have developed various formats the teams can play in.

Each of these formats has different challenges that test the players and the teams as a whole on several levels. One such format is the T20 format which was popularized due to its fast-paced gameplay. Here is a layman’s guide on the T20 world cup.

History of the T20 format

The T20 format is one of the youngest cricket formats across the globe. With its origins in the early 2000s, the T20 format was introduced for expanding domestic one-day leagues such as the big bash league from Australia, to the international level.

Soon, after hitting high levels of popularity, the T20 format was officially adopted by the ICC. It was then announced that a T20 World cup will be held every two years except for the year an ICC cricket world cup would be taking place.

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What is the difference?

The T20 format is pretty easy to understand. Here are the basics. The first thing that is different from other cricket formats at the professional and international level is that it is based on limited-overs. Unlike a test match, in a limited-overs match, both teams play for one inning each, comprising a certain number of overs.

Under a T20 format, the number of overs is limited to 20. This makes T20 a format of short duration, usually lasting for about three hours overall. This is significantly less than an ODI match or a test match.

The difference in gameplay

Not only is the duration of the game is different, but the way a T20 match is played on the field is also quite different from the other formats of the sport. The difference in gameplay rules alters the format even further.

For instance, in T20 matches, if it seems like Team A is unnecessarily wasting time, a penalty of 5 runs can be added by an umpire to Team B’s score if they deem it fit. Another such difference is that there is a 90-second rule in place by which a batsman is given only 90 seconds to enter the pitch after their teammate has been declared out otherwise they can be disqualified from batting.

What are T20 leagues?

The T20 leagues can be defined as the domesticated version of the ICC T20 world cup. However, it would be unfair to assume a difference between the popularity of the two. The leagues are often the more popular of the two.

Moreover, the T20 leagues are a great place for new players to join the format. They are made to be more entertaining for the fans. Players that do not generally team together, team because there are no restrictions on nationalities.