Hulu outage NFL Wild Card Vikings-Giants

Some NFL fans that are trying to watch Sunday’s Minnesota Vikings vs. New York Giants Wild Card playoff game on Fox have reported outages on Hulu Live.

Lauren Vassallo of ESPN tweeted, “@hulu @hulu_support was watching the Giants Vikings game and all of a sudden this happened. What gives?” Vassallo included a photo with the Hulu screen showing, “Sorry, this channel is temporarily unavailable.”

Many of the complaints of an outage seem to have come from people in the Northeast, and especially Fox affiliate WTIC in Hartford, Connecticut.

Angry fans logged onto Twitter to voice their frustration as the outage continued.

Hartford-based journalist Shawn Courchesne tweeted, “Hey @hulu_support, are we going to get the Giants/Vikings game back on in the Hartford market anytime soon? If not, I’ll be requesting a full refund for this month. This is entirely unacceptable. You charge way too much for this to happen.”

Hulu addressed the issue about a half-hour after reports started coming in, instructing fans how to watch the game as the company fixes the outage.

“Sorry for any trouble … If you’re referring to New York Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings game on WTIC, our team is working hard to resolve this behavior. For now, you can use your Hulu + Live TV login to watch via the Fox site/app:!”

Hartford is only about 100 miles away from New York City, and there are plenty of Giants fans in the area.

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