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A raunchy fan appeared a little too comfortable on camera when she turned a live sports report into an x-rated scene.

Sky Sports reporter Mick Fitzgerald knew the rain could potentially make his job at the Lingfield Park race track a little more difficult over the weekend. But he certainly didn’t foresee the beer-wielding woman who would hijack his report by lifting her skirt. As the network went to Lingfield for a live report from the track, the woman immediately entered the shot, elbowing Fitzgerald before putting her arm around his neck.

“I think it’s going to be a long night for this one, Martin, that’s for sure,” Fitzgerald said of the woman who walked behind him to lift her skirt for the camera. “We’ve got six races for you at Lingfield this evening. Looking forward to getting the action underway.”

It wasn’t even 5pm in Lingfield yet, which makes it worth wondering how the woman fared by the end of the night. Fitzgerald proceeded to update the audience on the track conditions, noting the recent influx of rain endured by the area, which seemingly lured the woman back by his side to yell, “I’m so wet.”

“I’m really sorry about that,” Fitzgerald said as he attempted to get away from the woman. “It is live television, Martin. But I’m sure her mom will be pleased when she sees that.”

The news anchor back in the studio was chuckling to start the segment, but hilariously cringed at the woman shortly after her “I’m so wet” declaration. As far as bizarre live broadcast interruptions go, Fitzgerald handled it about as well as anyone could have.

[Sky Sports, via figjamben]

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