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CBS Sports NFL insider Josina Anderson was tabbed to start a new job in the industry. Anderson “is poised” to join the newly formed Undisputed cast on FS1.

“NFL Insider @JosinaAnderson is poised to join the cast of @RealSkipBayless’s revamped @Undisputed on FS1. Bayless announced her addition on Monday’s debut show episode,” Michael McCarthy of FOS posted. He then went on to note that Anderson will continue in her position as CBS Sports’ senior NFL insider. So, there won’t be any conflicts at all.

Anderson is the latest addition to the rotating cast on FS1’s lead debate show. It was announced earlier this summer that former Super Bowl champions Michael Irvin and Richard Sherman will join the agitating Skip Bayless. In addition, rapper Lil Wayne will also be making sporadic appearances on the show.

This is the latest development in FS1’s attempt at reconfiguring Undisputed. The show lost Shannon Sharpe this past summer, as the Pro Football Hall of Famer will now appear on ESPN’s First Take. ESPN’s lead debate show recently saw a spike in ratings in August. And so, FS1 couldn’t answer as they tried to develop a cast for their show. The bet now is that this diversified group of people will lead to an increase in interest, and it’s one that will hopefully pay off in spades for the network.

For whatever it’s worth, it seemed to have an effect on some potential viewers. Dan Le Batard and Stugotz discussed it this week. Le Batard and Stugotz both voiced potential concern over what this all means for Skip, and whether the network will “take” the show from him.

[Michael McCarthy]

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