Keyshawn Johnson, Richard Sherman and Skip Bayless on Undisputed Photo credit: Undisputed

If there was an Awfulie for best facial expression, Richard Sherman would win for this reaction to Skip Bayless and Keyshawn Johnson.

Tuesday morning on Undisputed, the show opened by Bayless posing the question, “Should the Philadelphia Eagles still be favorites to win the NFC East?” on the heels of their Monday Night Football loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Responses to the question quickly took a bizarre turn.

“Just like the Dallas Cowboys, “Johnson began. “Even on paper, and I hate to go here with you, Skip, but you tried to slide it in.”

“No,” Bayless quickly responded before clarifying, “I just sort of stuck it in!”

Johnson’s “slide it in” drew a pass from Sherman, but when Bayless chimed in with “stuck it in,” the odd phrasing choice began to catch the former All-Pro’s attention.

“Well, you tried to slide it in, Skip!” Johnson insisted, now prompting Sherman to offer an all-time facial reaction.

“Yeah, I stuck the knife in,” Bayless continued.

Who slid or stuck what where? Never mind, we don’t actually want to know. This is closer to the type of content Stephen A. Smith attempts to make viral on his podcast, but certainly not what we’ve come to expect from Undisputed.

Johnson and Bayless had to realize what this conversation sounded like as they got stuck in a “slide it in, stuck it in, slide it in, stuck it in,” exchange. If Johnson and Bayless didn’t begin to catch what the phrasing sounded like, Sherman certainly did.

Hopefully they now realize, never get into a sliding or sticking something somewhere debate with Bayless. He’s not capable of backing down.

Bayless once got into a physical altercation with Woody Paige as they argued about who stuck it in more. For more on that, refer to Jay Crawford’s appearance on the Awful Announcing Podcast (shameless plug).


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