Matt Leinart dressed as a leprechaun on Fox. Matt Leinart dressed as a leprechaun on Fox. (Big Noon Kickoff on Twitter.)

It’s always fun watching bets between media personalities getting paid off on air. The latest case there comes from the cast of Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff, where USC alum Matt Leinart and Notre Dame alum Brady Quinn made a bet over their alma mater’s game last Saturday (the game they were at that week). The Fighting Irish won that game 48-20, leading to Trojans’ alum Leinart donning a leprechaun outfit on this week’s Big Noon Kickoff from Columbus, Ohio:

Leinart has some good lines there, including “I’m a man of my word,” “I feel like I should be on the cover of Lucky Charms,” and “Hey, I’m going to milk this if I have to wear this awful thing, I’m going to milk this all the way into the ‘A’ block.”

That’s certainly quite the costume. And that’s a fun way to pay off the bet. We’ll see if there are future costume bets to come from the Big Noon Kickoff cast.

Regardless, that show’s definitely drawing some attention this year. We’ve seen that with Tom Brady’s Fox debut, Big Noon Kickoff‘s coverage of the Colorado Buffaloes and Deion Sanders, and their discussion of pregame show rival ESPN College GameDay and that show’s clashes with Washington State fans. And now, they have Matt Leinart as a leprechaun. Even without a Lucky Charms sponsorship.

[On3; image from Big Noon Kickoff on Twitter]

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