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First Things First host Kevin Wildes is one of countless sports talk hosts from the New England area. But he was the only one willing to go so far out on a limb defending Patriots quarterback Mac Jones that he was willing to call him the “baby GOAT.”

With Jones headed to Jacksonville, it was time on Monday for Wildes to bid farewell to the Jones era for his beloved Patriots. To celebrate the end of an era, FTF opened with a montage of all of Wildes’ over-the-top Jones love over the years before Wildes unveiled an equally outrageous take on what awaits Jones in Jacksonville.

“The idea that there’s this massive gulf between Mac Jones and Trevor Lawrence, I don’t think people have looked at the numbers,” Wildes said.

In previous years, Wildes claimed the Patriots’ dynasty was “back on track” after they drafted Jones, before dubbing him “baby GOAT” in reference to Jones replacing Tom Brady. In response to Jones’ on-field antics getting uglier in recent years, Wildes even copped to “loving” Jones.

At a certain point, it clearly became a bit. But Wildes didn’t even use the opportunity of Jones’ trade to the Jags to back off his fervent support of the former Alabama quarterback. Instead, he doubled down.

While the numbers FS1 producers flashed do paint a comparable performance for both Jones and Lawrence in their first three seasons, Wildes left a few things out. Jones hasn’t had the chance to throw as many interceptions because he keeps getting benched. He gets sacked more than Lawrence. And the difference in touchdowns is significant and speaks for itself.

It’s pretty unlikely Jones will supplant Lawrence at any point this NFL season. But if it happens, Wildes is setting himself up for perhaps the greatest victory lap in recent sports media history.

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