Gus Johnson Gus Johnson on Fox.

USC Trojans quarterback Miller Moss stunned everyone with his breakout game in the Holiday Bowl Wednesday night, leaving Fox announcer Gus Johnson digging deep to explain his performance.

Making his first career start, the redshirt sophomore threw for 372 yards and six touchdowns to lead the Trojans to a 42-28 win over the Louisville Cardinals.

Football fans everywhere were struggling to explain that performance. The craziest hot take? Moss’ numbers prove that the Trojans’ Heisman Trophy winner and possible No. 1 NFL Draft pick Caleb Williams is a “system quarterback.”

But Fox Sports pays Johnson to expertly analyze such situations. So early in the fourth quarter, Johnson took a look at Moss’ game and … compared it to rapper Eminem’s song, “Lose Yourself.”

“Just looking at Miller Moss and what he’s done, I feel like I’m listening to Eminem,” Johnson said.

“Why is that?” play-by-play announcer Joel Klatt said, laughing.

“You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime,” Johnson said.


“First career start, six touchdown passes — he couldn’t have dreamt this,” Johnson concluded.

Give Johnson credit for getting the lyrics right to the classic 2002 hit. And he didn’t start calling the USC quarterback “Eminem Moss” or something similarly strange; his nicknames for players (i.e.”Maserati Marv for Marvin Harrison Jr.) irritate many fans.

Fans seemed to appreciate Johnson’s Eminem reference.


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