The Big Noon Kickoff desk in 2019.

Fox’s usual¬†Big Noon Saturday crew was on the (figurative) sideline last week due to COVID-19 protocols, forcing a backup team to do the broadcast on short notice.

The network, though, didn’t say if any of the on-air talent had tested positive. Now, though, we know that one member did have a positive test: Urban Meyer. Meyer announced that himself during an interview with Columbus CBS affiliate WBNS, which you can watch below.

Meyer confirmed to Dom Tiberi that he had recently “gotten over” the virus, and also said that none of his colleagues ended up testing positive.

“I’ve just recently gotten over it. I was relatively symptom-free, I tested positive and that’s why we couldn’t do Big Noon Kickoff last week. The good news is none of my partners and teammates had it, and we’re going to be back at it this weekend.”

Assuming Meyer isn’t misinformed here, that means the regular Big Noon crew will be back this weekend, after an admirable fill-in job from Charissa Thompson, Howie Long, Terry Bradshaw, and Emmanuel Acho. Let’s hope that Meyer has indeed made a full recovery, and that the show can return without fear of another outbreak.


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