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Last June, Erin Andrews and her husband, former NHL player Jarret Stoll, announced they welcomed a baby boy, Mack. The announcement was notable for Andrews, who had the child thanks to the help of a surrogate.

Andrews and her story appeared on the TODAY show on NBC last July. The renowned sportscaster opened up about her infertility struggles, which the show said went on for a decade. She battled cervical cancer in 2016, which stalled the IVF treatments she would take.

Andrews, who famously called herself the “Tom Brady of IVF,” recently returned to the TODAY show.

There, she joined forces with Kristen Welker, a fellow NBC journalist. Their bond seemingly deepened after both women welcomed children through surrogacy. Having met in person for the first time on Thursday, Andrews and Welker are united by their shared experiences and are dedicated to supporting others facing similar challenges.

That led to the revelation that Andrews had partnered with Enfamil Enspire Optimum to create a grant for the couple who have not only experienced what she endured but are looking for fertility treatments themselves.

On Thursday’s show, Andrews met another couple, Caitlin and Tyler Fairres, on their infertility journey. Understanding their struggles firsthand, she surprised them with a $20,000 grant — named for Andrews’ son, Mack — to help them achieve their dream of parenthood.

“It just it angered me because it’s already hard enough with the emotional toll, then you have the finances,” Andrews said.

“I think people don’t need to feel embarrassed that they have a surrogate, or are looking for other help, or different ways to have a baby,” she later added.

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