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Erin Andrews recently gave birth to her first child with her husband. Andrews and her husband, former NHL player Jarret Stoll, announced that they welcomed a baby boy, Mack, on June 28, 2023. The announcement was notable for Andrews, who had the child thanks to the help of a surrogate.

Andrews and her story appeared on the TODAY Show on NBC Friday. The sportscaster opened up about her infertility struggles, which the show said went on for a decade. She battled cervical cancer in 2016, which stalled the IVF treatments she would take.

After the NBC staple presented the video, it drew tears out of Andrews. But she kept the mood light, referencing a moment from the video in which she compared herself to NFL legend Tom Brady.

“The Tom Brady of IVF, I can’t believe I said that,” Andrews joked. She then spoke about wanting to become a voice for women dealing with similar infertility issues.

“It’s crazy; for so long, I just wanted to be quiet about it. ‘Please don’t say my name loud in the waiting room.’ But then you look around. These places are packed. You’re not the only one going through this, and I felt like if I could be a voice, maybe just somebody that people could look at and be like, ‘She’s going through it too,’ it would help the whole process for all of us.”

Andrews described the moment when she held her boy Mack as a moment she’ll never forget. She described a picture taken where she kissed her surrogate’s head while her husband Stoll celebrated “like he won the Stanley Cup.”

It’s a lovely story and conclusion for Andrews and the battles that she went through. Best wishes to her as she continues on with motherhood.

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