Colin Cowherd Caleb Williams Screen grab: ‘The Herd’

Colin Cowherd has always had a unique way of evaluating quarterbacks.

After all, the Fox Sports radio has been famous for criticizing signal-callers for wearing backwards hats, which he views as a sign that they have poor leadership skills.

“Quarterback is different, you gotta be an adult – because, you’re the face of the franchise,” Cowherd said in 2022. “Turn your hat around at the podium every Wednesday. Be a grown-up. you’re not a fanboy. It’s OK for you fanboys to wear your hats on backwards. You’ll never be leaders, nobody will ever put you in charge of a $2 billion franchise. Do your thing.”

Considering Cowherd’s strong stance regarding a fashion trend — if you can even call it that — that has been around for more than 30 years, one can only imagine how he must have felt about Caleb Williams painting his nails, wearing lipstick and holding a pink phone while watching a USC women’s basketball game earlier this week. But while many were bracing for The Herd host to tee off on a another young quarterback for unconventional fashion, Cowherd took a more surprising route, claiming the entire conversation was much ado about nothing.

“This is another example of ‘a headline doesn’t match reality.’ I do not believe 95 percent of fans care, 95 percent of media cares and zero percent of NFL general managers care,” Cowherd said. “I think this is the media giving oxygen to lonely people on Reddit boards. Stop.”

Cowherd even went on to reference his “hat on forward theory,” stating that it’s more about how a quarterback handles himself at the podium while dealing with the media than it is the quarterback’s actual fashion choices. Just like Kyle Brandt, Cowherd noted Chicago previously embraced Dennis Rodman and there’s no reason to think that Williams’ fashion choices will prevent Bears fans from doing the same.

“How you dress, your nails, the color of your phone, who you date — I’m sorry but Chicago loved Dennis Rodman,” he said. “I think they’re going to be OK with a pink phone from Caleb Williams, who was on our show last week and said, ‘Chicago, if you draft me, here I come.'”

Cowherd certainly seems to be doing some picking and choosing when it comes to judging quarterbacks of fashion choices. And his longstanding connection to the USC program is worth noting. But regardless of the reason, it’s refreshing to hear him take a more modern approach to discussing quarterback fashion — even if he insists this isn’t something most people care about.

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