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Fox Sports NBA analyst Chris Broussard got a little too amped up breaking down the blockbuster trade of James Harden to the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday’s First Things First and let out an unfortunate slur before immediately apologizing for the slip.

Broussard interrupted co-host Nick Wright to indicate his complete disdain for Harden’s play style and inability to coexist with other star players, asking, “Is the man re******?”

The show was sent into complete discomfort. Kevin Wildes reacted with his best Jim Carrey eyebrows before burying his face in his coffee cup. Meanwhile, Wright let Broussard know not to use the word.

“Developmentally disabled,” Broussard corrected himself.

Before Wright could finish his point, Broussard jumped back in to issue an apology, indicating that a family member with developmental disabilities recently died.

“I didn’t mean to use that word, and I apologize to the audience and everyone,” Broussard said.

Harden was traded to Los Angeles on Monday night after months of speculation and drama around his future with the 76ers. Harden has also earned a reputation in recent years as a malcontent and selfish player. He opted into the final year of his contract in June before demanding a trade.

Over the summer, he used the occasion of a promotional trip to China with Adidas to call 76ers executive Daryl Morey a liar. The NBA investigated the comments and Morey’s handling of Harden’s pending free agency.

Broussard covered the NBA for years before becoming a full-time television host. The Fox host’s point was clearly to emphasize those issues with Harden’s game, but his language slipped. The apology would seem to indicate he shocked even himself by using the slur.

Wright added that he didn’t think anyone would kill Broussard for the comment. Based on early social media reactions, that might not end up being correct.

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