Brock Huard

While many people are braving crowded mall parking lots and stores to do holiday shopping Friday and Saturday, Brock Huard has an even more grueling task at hand.

The Fox Sports analyst will work two college football games, almost 300 miles apart, in the space of less than 16 hours.

Huard will call Friday night’s game in Eugene, Oregon, between No. 6 Oregon and No. 16 Oregon State, the state’s heated annual “Civil War” rivalry game. When that game wraps, he’ll take a bus almost 300 miles to Seattle for another big rivalry game Saturday afternoon between  No. 4 Washington and Washington State.

The veteran broadcaster shared his bold travel plans during his Brock & Salk podcast earlier this week with guest Mike Tirico.

“Our producer said, you’ve got a history. You know these things,” Huard said (via Barrett Sports Media). “You (Syracuse) Orange guys just have the answers to this. But he said on our production meeting call yesterday we’re gonna do something that he doesn’t think has ever been done in TV history.”

Tirico then shared a story about his own particularly grueling broadcasting stretch.

“I went from Morgantown, West Virginia and did a 2:30 p.m. Nebraska/Colorado game where the quarterbacks in the Nebraska/Colorado game in Boulder were Joel Klatt and Bengals head coach Zac Taylor,” he said. “So I had my two in about the exact same time window as Brock, although Brock’s performance will be better, and then I did The Skins Game golf that weekend, Saturday/Sunday in the desert in California. And then Monday Night Countdown. That was my hardest weekend of work in my life by far.”

Before sharing that story, however, Tirico apologized in advance for stealing Huard’s spotlight.

“I just wanted to let Brock have his moment,” Tirico said.


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