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ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith has taken aim at former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens as of late, as the two have had a heated back and forth on social media over the past week. And Smith explained exactly why the two don’t see eye to eye anymore.

The drama between the two dates back to 2019, when Owens claimed that Smith’s former First Take co-host Max Kellerman “seemed blacker” than Smith did while they were discussing former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick on the show.

Owens recently referenced this old clip in a social media post towards Smith, which prompted a response from Smith.

“Now… as for this dude, that’s an entirely different story,” Smith tweeted last week about Owens. “You know how I feel about your sorry *** and you know why! You should thank your Heavenly Father I haven’t zeroed in on you with the trifling **** you tried to pull. Tell folks to ask ESPN what your desperate *** tried to pull. Keep on talking. Eventually, you’ll expose yourself!”

It’s very clear that there is no relationship between the two at this point. And Smith discussed his current feelings on Owens, saying that he “feels sad for him”.

“I’m not angry at T.O. I’m sad for him,” said Smith on his podcast later posted on his Twitter account. “It is rare in my lifetime that I have seen a person make more enemies out of people who genuinely cared and tried to help him than this man. T.O. can talk to y’all all he wants. Ain’t nobody running from him. He’s talking about how he wants to see what kind of heat you got in my face. I just saw you in Colorado, we were there at the game. We were within a few feet of one another. You ain’t say nothing to me and I ain’t say nothing to you. And we ain’t going to ever talk again. And that’s fine, I won’t miss you.”

He then further expanded on where things went sideways in their relationship, saying that Owens tried to sue him over a “hit” from Max Kellerman.

“We stopped talking because after you saw that hit from Max Kellerman, Terrell Owens tried to sue me. Needless to say, it was laughable. It never went anywhere. He wasn’t getting a damn dime, which he was hoping to get. That’s why I was pissed off Saturday. Why he would get lawyers involved looking for money? I wonder why, y’all speculate about that. But the point is he tried to sue me.”

Smith did threaten that he would “expose” Owens recently in his previous rant against him. And it seems like he has done just that if his side of the story is to be believed. Regardless, it looks like this relationship is beyond repair…

[Stephen A. Smith on Twitter]

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