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Media members have occasionally been known to eat a column, or sometimes even actual crow, but a fan eating a bracket in a video sent to the Paul Finebaum Show? That’s a bit different. Via the SEC Network, here’s video of a South Carolina fan ranting about how their win over Duke Sunday means “brackets all over this country are done, and you might as well just…” before he starts eating a sheet of paper (yes, he says he’s only pretending it’s a bracket, but it’s a symbolic bracket!):

This whole video is amazing. From the “WOOOOO!” at the start to “I am happy as hell right now” to the very thorough chewing and swallowing of the “bracket” (even sped up at 0:48!) to drinking from a red Solo cup to wash it down, it’s hard to imagine this being much better.

The remarkable thing is that this was done by a happy fan, not by a fan or media personality who lost a bet or made a wrong prediction. There could have been plenty of those, from Mike Francesa (who’s lost all of his Final Four teams) to Adi Joseph (whose “Duke has a ridiculously easy path to the Final Four” take was mocked by the official University of South Carolina Twitter account) to Jon Rothstein (who, along with many others, declared the 2016-17 ACC the “best conference in basketball history“). Instead, this was someone celebrating his school’s win. Whatever works for you, but I’d prefer an adult beverage or two and maybe some nachos to a sheet of paper.

This is a great video, though. “It’s crazy, yo. We did it!” All it needs is a S-E-C! chant. But even without that, it’s perfectly designed for the Finebaum Show. Yes, these are his viewers.

[SEC Network on Twitter]

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