Shannon Sharpe Photo credit: FS1

Everyone loves Shannon Sharpe these days. The Hall of Fame tight end is enjoying a rising star in the media world after beating Skip Bayless at his own game on Undisputed and then making a high-profile move to ESPN to join Stephen A. Smith on First Take. Sharpe also has his own podcast and plenty of business ventures to keep himself busy. And he’s gaining fame in celebrity away from sports as well.

But not too much fame.

Sharpe was seen by TMZ paparazzi outside of a Los Angeles restaurant on Monday night where he was stopped for a few questions. Things seemed to be going well until Selena Gomez walked out of the same restaurant. The TMZ interviewer immediately stopped the interview with Sharpe to get some very blurry footage of Gomez getting into a car. Once those incredibly important 12 seconds were over, the paparazzo went back to Sharpe to apologize for interrupting their conversation.

According to TMZ, Sharpe was in the middle of giving his thoughts on Team USA’s performance in the FIBA World Cup (?) and then talked about Colorado football and Deion Sanders afterwards.

At least Shannon Sharpe understands where he sits on the Hollywood hierarchy for the moment. If he continues to put the work in at ESPN and elsewhere, maybe he can keep the TMZ cameras on him. If Sharpe can’t quite outrank Selena Gomez, it’s worth wondering what level of celebrity would he outrank. Jeff Garlin? Anthony Scaramucci? The entire cast of the new season of Dancing With the Stars? Patience Shannon, climb the ladder.