Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter Photo Credit: ESPN (Photo Credit: ESPN)

ESPN produced a touching video tribute to the late Chris Mortensen Monday that led network executive Seth Markman to share a great anecdote about Mortensen being asked to share air time with Adam Schefter.

The sports world has been mourning the death of Mortensen, who passed away Sunday at age 72. Mortensen was a longtime ESPN icon, appearing on everything from Sunday NFL Countdown and Monday Night Countdown to the network’s draft coverage.

ESPN’s video tribute to Mortensen was narrated by Mortensen’s close colleague, Adam Schefter, who tweeted it with the message, “The life and legacy of our beloved friend and colleague Chris Mortensen.”

ESPN vice president and executive producer Seth Markman retweeted Schefter’s message, sharing an anecdote about the two star reporters. Markman recalls that when Schefter’s contract with the NFL Network was set to expire in 2009, Markman considered bringing him aboard at ESPN. But Mortensen was already the network’s No. 1 NFL reporter. Markman approached Mortensen.

Markman shared the rest of the story on X/Twitter.

“Beautiful words about a man who meant so much to you,” Markman said. “The rarest of teammates in this business. A man who, when asked if he would mind if we pursued you when your contract was up at NFL Network, even though it would mean he would have to share airtime on Sunday mornings, said, ‘If we can get Adam, get him. Less of me is actually a good thing!'”

Those who knew Mortensen, whether as a co-worker, a player or coach he interviewed, or just a fan watching him at home, can almost hear him make that self-deprecating joke.

RIP Mort.

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