SEC Network airing the wrong game. Photo Credit: SEC Network

SEC Network’s broadcast of Saturday’s game between the Kansas State Wildcats and the Missouri Tigers hit an unfortunate bump in the road after an audio mistake left many fans watching the game extremely confused.

The Kansas State-Missouri game was approaching halftime, so the broadcast quickly went to the studio to tease the halftime show for the game.

When the broadcast returned to the on-field action, the video displayed to fans was of another game, another SEC matchup airing on ESPN between the LSU Tigers and the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

All those at home could see initially were fans in the crowd of the LSU-Mississippi State game, with the audio from the Kansas State-Missouri game in the background. It then shifted to the live action from the LSU-Mississippi State game, still with audio from the SEC Network game.

The issue lasted nearly a minute before being resolved, and there was even a moment with no audio whatsoever before abruptly switching back to the original game on the SEC Network with the correct audio.

As you would expect, fans were extremely confused as to what exactly was happening in that moment…

With so many games going on across ESPN platforms, these things are obviously bound to happen. But that clearly doesn’t mean that it doesn’t confuse the hell out of viewers at home whenever situations like this do arise.

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