The new year started on a sad note, as Purdue student and superfan Tyler Trent passed away after battling a rare form of bone cancer. The 20-year-old inspired so many in his short time on Earth, including writing a book and raising money to help save others, and he did more to improve this world than many of us probably will with a complete life. Tyler expressed similar qualities in his cancer fight as Jim Valvano, the founder of The V Foundation, which Tyler helped raise money for.

One of Tyler’s dreams was to be a sportswriter, and among the many who were touched by Tyler’s story was Scott Van Pelt. Tyler was on Van Pelt’s SportsCenter in October to discuss his inspirational fight, and Van Pelt promised Tyler that whenever he was ready, there was a seat waiting for him to co-host the show.

Tyler never got to take up Van Pelt on his offer but as a tribute, Van Pelt kept his promise and saved a seat for Tyler. In December, Van Pelt honored a bet he made with Trent by doing an entire edition of his SportsCenter with Purdue’s P logo on the side of his head.

Trent’s life may be over, but his legacy will live on, and will hopefully help many people in need in the years to come.

[Photo: ESPN]

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