Scott Van Pelt and Tyler Trent made a bet on Thursday’s Purdue-Maryland basketball game, and that result didn’t go SVP’s way. To honor his end, Van Pelt did his Friday night edition of SportsCenter with a giant Purdue logo painted on the side of his trademark dome.

Credit Van Pelt for following through, although if you’ve followed him at all over the years you would know he’d never back out from this kind of thing. And it didn’t even look that bad!

The bet coincides with ESPN’s annual Jimmy V week, and it’s especially poignant given Tyler’s ongoing fight against cancer. Trent was honored with the Disney Spirit award earlier this week at the college football awards, and he’s been one of the better stories on or off the field this year.

Trent definitely seemed to appreciate Van Pelt’s gesture, and offered to run things back if Van Pelt wanted:

Van Pelt is great, Tyler Trent is inspiring, and this was a fun moment all around.

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