Longtime professional wrestler Ric Flair has been in plenty of feuds over his long and celebrated career. But his newest feud has put ESPN’s Alan Hahn in the 16-time World Champion’s crosshairs.

Hahn called LeBron James “an old man” at some point over the past year. And Flair has yet to forget. That led to the following tweet on Sunday.

“I’m sorry to report to you Alan Hahn that LeBron recorded another triple-double a year after you called him an old man. You stupid SOB. It’s so embarrassing to have you report about sports. When I see you on [ESPN] I turn the TV off”

Those are very strong words coming from Flair. And on Monday morning on Get Up, the ESPN host responded.

As the panel was discussing the Lakers, host Mike Greenberg segued to Hahn and Flair’s feud, setting the stage for Hahn to defend himself.

“It’s funny. First of all, I was embarrassed for him when I saw this. I don’t know wrestling that well, so I called my friend Peter Rosenberg. And he said ‘This guy was so famous and so popular, they always said you could put him in a match with a broom and people would watch it.’ Well, if this is where he’s at in his career, I’m putting my money on the broom.”

Hahn wasn’t done. “By the way, LeBron James talks about being old. No one talks about being old more than LeBron James. So give me a break with this stuff,” Hahn then invited Flair to come on his ESPN New York radio show, Bart & Hahn, to discuss.

As seen above, Flair’s response included accepting the invitation, asking for a phone number, and describing his relationship with Lakers greats of the past and present.

The 75-year-old has appeared on multiple different ESPN shows in the past, so perhaps Hahn will get his wish.

[Ric Flair]