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Nick Saban figures to be an invaluable part of ESPN’s college football coverage.

And while Saban might still be getting the hang of retired life and modern technology, his legendary work ethic shines through. And at 72-years-old, he’s diving headfirst into preparing for ESPN’s NFL Draft coverage.

While the network’s NFL Draft coverage gets a shot in the arm, Saban’s expertise is a major addition for ESPN overall. And that led to Laura Rutledge, who interviewed Saban at the Masters from Augusta National, bragging on the former head coach’s level of preparedness during a zoom for ABC’s upcoming coverage.

“Well, you know, hopefully I can add a little bit of insight from experience, especially the eight years of being in the NFL,” Saban explained. “Being behind-the-scenes in the draft; knowing what goes into it; knowing how (the NFL) evaluates players; know how you do a mock draft and try to figure out who’s going to be available when we pick. Because I think most people, they think you get to pick who you want to pick. No, you got to pick who’s available when you pick and you gotta try to figure that out, so that you can put some guys in the right spots for you and what your needs are from your team.”

Saban offers a fascinating window into the strategic chess match that unfolds behind closed doors during the NFL Draft. With his unparalleled experience on both sides of the equation, he’ll be able to oversimplify draft strategy, putting viewers right in the heart of the war room alongside the NFL’s top decision-makers.

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