It’s been known for a long time that ESPN’s Mike and Mike was coming to an end, with Mike Greenberg off to host a new TV show and Trey Wingo joining Mike Golic on the radio show. The news was officially announced Wednesday, though, with Greenberg and Golic discussing it on-air, and Golic’s son (not eldest son Mike Jr., also an ESPN Radio broadcaster who will reportedly be part of the new show, but middle child Jake) went off on the decision on Twitter. Here’s a collected screengrab, via For The Win: .

Jake Golic Tweets

He did eventually have a bit more of a calm tweet, though:

It’s understandable why Jake Golic is upset here. This seems like a bit of a slight to his father, as Greenberg is moving on to a new TV show while Golic is staying in the same role. And the long break-up period (Greenberg will continue with the show until next January) is going to be awkward. But still, it’s not like ESPN does or should make decisions based on what employees’ children tweet. There are questions to be had about Greenberg’s new TV show and if it will actually be any good, and if breaking up Mike and Mike (a key pillar of the ESPN Radio lineup) is going to be worth it, but it’s not super clear that ESPN management are “stupid” or “idiots” for this move alone. If it does backfire, though, Jake Golic may have more of a point.

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