Lee Corso headgear Lee Corso picks the Ralphie the Buffalo head for his 400th headgear pick on ESPN College GameDay. (Credit: ESPN)

Lee Corso is as synonymous with College GameDay as the sport of college football itself. Corso’s enthusiasm and energy during the show’s fledgling years helped it boom itself into the pregame TV show industry. It’s fair to say that Corso made a huge impact on the industry and on the sport, as he’s become one of its greatest ambassadors and most prominent figures. Another aspect of it all? The headgear picks.

Every Saturday morning, just before ESPN switches to the Noon game, Corso makes the pick of the ‘main event’ game. It’s always the game where the show is held, so Corso will either get the crowd on his side or generate boos that would even make The Rock blush. His fake-outs — “Not so fast, my friend!” — have become as much a part of the deal as any. The headgear picks became so popular they were featured in the old EA Sports NCAA Football titles in the pregame presentation. And so, Saturday marked a milestone: Whatever Corso’s pick would be between Colorado and Colorado State would be his 400th headgear selection.

ESPN aired a special tribute to the colorful Corso during this week’s episode. The tribute featured current college football luminaries and otherwise and was really very well-produced. Coso became moved to tears after the tribute video’s conclusion, as the show picked up on a special moment.

Colorado fans chanted “CORSO!” in unison at Lee, which probably moved him even more. He felt a sense of gratitude and appreciation, which he expressed by thanking everybody involved in the process.

Not surprisingly, there was a tremendously positive reception to the segment.

After the dust settled, then it became time to wait. Where would Corso go? Would he pick Colorado and play to the Boulder crowd? Or would he fake everyone out and pick the upset and go for Colorado State?

Corso eventually had the answer for everyone. He picked the Buffs and did it for his friend and former College GameDay host Chris Fowler, a CU alum.

All told, as fitting a pick as you could make, especially by dedicating it to Fowler. It’s not possible to think about the show without thinking about Corso or Fowler, and the impact they each helped make on it with their early efforts. So Corso chose the best pick he could for his 400th and, in a way, celebrates that pick and the show itself.

The show left a special message for Coach Corso after the show concluded.

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