The Rock Deion Sanders Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson surprises Deion Sanders on College GameDay in Boulder. (Credit: ESPN)

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson shocked WWE fans around the world Friday night when he made his much-anticipated return to Friday Night Smackdown. The show Rock was practically responsible for – Smackdown was part of one of his many catchphrases – emanated from Denver, Colorado, close by Boulder, where the man once dubbed ‘The Great One’ would be for The Pat McAfee Show on Friday afternoon. McAfee joined The Rock in surprising WWE fans with his return to Smackdown as well. McAfee quickly became a popular color commentator in 2021, and not surprisingly, the two palled around each other.

Later, GameDay named Johnson the guest picker for Week 3’s episode of the show. He was in town anyway, so it made all the sense in the entire world. By now, everybody knows the deal. The guest pickers stay on the bus and never show up until the end of the show. They’re advertised and alluded to but never shown on screen.

The GameDay panel hosted Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders for what we can only guess is going to be a very highly-rated segment. Sanders showed some appreciation to the panel of Rece Davis, Desmond Howard, Pat McAfee, and Kirk Herbstreit (unfortunately, Lee Corso was not involved in this segment). But then, something wild happened!

The Rock’s music hit! On the set! And wouldn’t you know, the six-time WWE Champion was there!

Sanders was flabbergasted. He, like so many who packed Ball Arena in Denver on Friday night, was stunned to see Rock. “That’s my guy!” Sanders exclaimed after Johnson got on the stage. The two embraced, a sight to behold for sure, considering that Sanders attended Florida State and Johnson went to Miami. They’re hated rivals, but that rivalry apparently ain’t that serious between these two. And hey, why would it be?

All told, this made for an awesome GameDay moment. The show hadn’t featured a spontaneous and fun moment like that in a while, and the reception to the moment was very positive.

Everyone has to be on their toes now, you just never know where The Rock is going to show up. Deion Sanders found that out on Saturday morning.

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