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Just in case there were any real concerns, ESPN can rest easy in knowing there is no bubbling feud between Joe Buck and Scott Van Pelt.

Last month, Van Pelt interviewed Buck and Troy Aikman just as he did after every Monday Night Football broadcast throughout the NFL season. But following the Dec. 26 interview, the internet was left buzzing after Buck complained that Van Pelt only had one question for him, sparking rumors of possible hostility between the two ESPN stars.

Monday night’s Wild Card matchup between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys was ESPN’s final NFL broadcast of the season, and as Buck said goodbye to Van Pelt, he made sure to address their rumored feud.

“First of all, a couple weeks ago, you and I had a thing,” Buck noted. “We’re always playing around, you were the only guy I knew at ESPN before I came there, so let’s just put that a bed. And secondly, it’s been a great first year at ESPN.”

“I am glad you two are talking again,” Aikman chimed in sarcastically.

Various headlines categorized the December exchange between Van Pelt and Buck as awkward, cringey and tense. But according to Van Pelt, the internet trolls who sought to label it as anything other than a performative joke are just dumb.

“My favorite thing this year,” Van Pelt said. “Is that people on the internet truly thought a broadcaster as legendary as Joe Buck was pissed off for one question after a lousy football game, incredible to me how dumb people are.”

Buck and Aikman just completed their first NFL season with ESPN after being credited for bringing credibility back to Monday Night Football. Thankfully, it seems like they were able to avoid ruining their relationship with Van Pelt in year one.

For the first time since 2001, Buck and Aikman won’t be on the call for a Divisional Playoff or NFC Championship Game this season, thanks to their new roles as the voices of Monday Night Football. Buck, Aikman and ESPN will, however, get a Divisional Playoff Game next season and a Super Bowl in 2026.

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