JJ Redick NBA Finals Screen grab: The Old Man & The Three

ESPN is poised to add college basketball legend and former NBA veteran JJ Redick to their lead announcing team for NBA coverage. Redick will join Hall of Famers Mike Breen and the great Doris Burke for a three-person group that will call the 2024 NBA Finals on ABC this summer, plus the top ESPN and ABC regular season and playoff games before that.

Redick addressed the situation on Thursday morning after ESPN officially announced that he would join the team.

The former Duke basketball legend expressed significant gratitude.

“Number one, wow, what an honor,” Redick said. “I’m honored for a number of reasons. The two that stick out to most to me is when you call a game, when you commentate on the NBA, you are part of the documentation of NBA history. And I take that role and responsibility very seriously, and the fact that I get to document this year’s NBA Finals? I’m thrilled.”

“The second reason I’m so honored is that Mike and Doris are GOATS,” Redick added. “These are Hall of Famers. These are two people I’ve known for 15-20 years, each of them. Getting to work alongside two people that I just admire so much is just an honor.

“It’s an honor. I hope you guys know this. I think it comes across how passionate I am about the game of basketball and about the NBA. But I also hope you know how seriously I take this. This is not something that I do on the side. This podcast, calling games, First Take stuff, I am fully invested in this stuff on a daily basis, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Redick also thanked Ryan Ruocco and Richard Jefferson, his current broadcast partners. He thanked the network and all the higher-ups for the opportunity.

Redick worked his way up the ladder and became one of the more likable announcers. Now, he’ll join the ‘A-Team.’


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