JJ Redick Doris Burke Mike Breen Screengrab: ESPN

JJ Redick is new to ESPN’s top NBA booth after replacing Doc Rivers midseason, and his new broadcast partners Doris Burke and Mike Breen had some fun at the new guy’s expense during Wednesday night’s Eastern Conference play-in game in Philadelphia.

After Redick commented on 76ers superstar Joel Embiid’s ability to draw fouls, he argued that Embiid does not, in fact, “bait” defenders (and referees) into giving him calls but instead has a talent for absorbing contact as a scorer. Burke questioned who Redick was trying to convince, as she believed it was a clear display of skill rather than working the rules.

Redick’s answer? Fans on his X (formerly Twitter) timeline.

“[It’s on] NBA Twitter every other game, Doris,” Redick said.

To which Burke laughed him off: “That’s your problem, you’re reading NBA Twitter.”

Even Breen got in on the joke.

“We’re going to have to stop this somehow,” the play-by-play legend said.

Later, Burke kept making Redick the butt of the joke by comparing his defense to that of Heat second-year forward Nikola Jovic after the smaller Jovic allowed Embiid to establish a post position, leading to a 76ers basket.

“You’re certainly not going to put Jovic on an island and let him guard him; that would be like putting JJ Redick on him,” Burke laughed.

Redick jokingly called the quip “unnecessary” before Burke apologized.

“I’m sorry already,” she said.

Burke and Breen are certainly treating Redick like a little brother, the new kid on the block.

ESPN clearly appreciates Redick’s younger sensibility and his involvement in the modern NBA. But that doesn’t mean the old heads can’t make jokes about Redick’s millennial internet habits.


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