Mina Kimes

With ESPN’s NFL Live on site in Buffalo prior to Monday’s MNF doubleheader, featuring the Bills hosting the Titans in the early game, one topic naturally came up on Twitter.

Would anyone from ESPN go through a table?

Bills fans have taken to breaking tables with the team’s success in recent years, so it seemed like a natural opportunity (if you want to put it that way) for ESPN to jump on the bandwagon.

Spencer Hall tweeted about it, asking when ESPN’s Mina Kimes would go through a table. Kimes tweeted that she’d do it after 5,000 retweets in an hour.

But as the retweets started to pile up, the plan hit a snag. 13 minutes after the initial tweet, Kimes tweeted that she wasn’t allowed to go through a table after all.

I can only imagine how ESPN management and/or HR reacted when this popped up on their radar. “Sorry, our insurance plan doesn’t cover injuries sustained going through a table at a tailgate. Please don’t do it.”

Anyway, enjoy this compilation of Bills fans going through tables, which does not feature Mina Kimes.

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