Jeff Dickerson passed away today after a battle with cancer. He was 44 years old.

Dickerson joined ESPN in 2001, filling multiple roles across his career with the network, the majority of which involved covering the NFC North and the Chicago Bears for various iterations of ESPN, ESPN Chicago, and ESPN Radio, both nationally and on ESPN 1000 in Chicago.

Dickerson is survived by a young son, his wife Caitlin having also died from cancer in 2019. Dickerson’s tribute to her then is really, really hard to read right now.

A simple Twitter search right now pulls up so, so many testimonials from people who knew and worked with JD.

Speaking personally, I always enjoyed his work on the Bears beat. He was a pro. Obviously his loss will have so many more important effects, and it’s just such a brutal thing to even imagine.

This tweet just about sums our position up:

Yeah. It really is.

RIP, JD. You’ll be missed.

(Updated to add this link to a GoFundMe page for Parker Dickerson.)

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