The college football season is underway, and ESPN is gearing up for their official start to the 2018 season with a new Twitter partnership.

The first two weeks of ESPN’s College GameDay will include the Tweet Cam as a way to make the viewing experience a little more interactive. A “Twitter-powered camera” will be on the set of College GameDay while it airs live on Saturday in South Bend. The Tweet Cam “will give fans the ability to get a glimpse of the action and atmosphere surrounding the College GameDay set.”

To find out what the Tweet Cam is seeing, Twitter users need to use the hashtag #GameDayCam. They’ll then receive a response to their tweet that delivers real-time photos from the set back to them.

Basically, if you’ve ever wondered what happens during a commercial break, how Kirk Herbstreit’s hairstylist keeps everything in place, or what Lee Corso might be up to when he’s just off camera waiting to be introduced, now you might find out. Sadly it doesn’t sound like you’ll be able to get video, but, hey, baby steps.

The Tweet Cam is also planned for Week 2, wherever that might take place. However, the announcement doesn’t say whether or not it will continue beyond that. Likely, they’re waiting to see how many of you actually use the hashtag.

The MLS recently partnered with Twitter on a similar campaign. During a match between the LA Galaxy and Los Angeles FC, a camera at one of the corner flags gave fans a chance to catch a candid pic by tweeting #LALookin.


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