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Eli Manning took his analysis to another level with a breakdown of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott’s pregame warm-up routine on the ManningCast.

The ESPN2 broadcast of Monday night’s game between the Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles showed a highlight of Prescott doing the “dance” pregame.

Peyton Manning said, “I don’t know what that is. That’s new to me. I’m too old school.”

So Eli showed him:

“That’s the Tom House stuff. I’ll show you, Peyton. It’s about creating torque. You close the left hip, open that right. Close the left shoulder, open up the hip. Boom. Boom. Boom. These hips don’t lie. I’m like Shakira. The hips don’t lie, Peyt. That’s why I can throw it further than you. My hips are looser.”

Eli Manning saying “I’m like Shakira” after doing a dance: that’s incredible, very unexpected television.

And Eli is right: that’s indeed the “Tom House stuff.” Prescott started doing the routine a few years ago after working with the 3DQB academy run by House, and gave a similar explanation to the routine’s use (via ESPN):

“It’s about your rotation,” Prescott said. “It’s the disassociation of your left shoulder from your front hip. My front hip goes and I can hold my shoulder. When I bring my back hip, the right [shoulder] then comes. That’s all it is. It’s pretty much like a rubber band, I guess. I’m just warming up, getting it ready, getting the body flowing. Elasticity is one of the words I’m looking for. It’s really that.”

“All of this has allowed me to loosen up [my core],” Prescott said. “It’s crazy different. I was always tight, muscular and I was kind of muscling the ball. Now what it’s allowed me to do is use my lower half, get that disassociation, and that’s why you see I have more pop on the ball throwing down the field and I’m throwing through the receivers now.”

It’s been another entertaining ManningCast in the first half, and the broadcast features a loaded guest lineup.

[Photo Credit: ESPN2]

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