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The Pat McAfee Show frequently gets NFL coaches to join for interviews, but Tuesday’s guest spot with Jacksonville Jaguars coach Doug Pederson featured something new: McAfee breaking the news to Pederson that Jacksonville had traded for a new offensive lineman.

The news broke while Pederson was on air with McAfee, leaving no choice but for the PMS crew to ask for the head man’s reaction to the acquisition of guard Ezra Cleveland in real-time.

“We already have got a good offensive line, and Ezra can come in and give us some really good depth,” Pederson explained. “Getting a guy like Ezra, his caliber, we’ve got a starting type guard who really, really solidifies our offensive line and makes us better.”

The McAfee Show is the destination for football interviews, especially since its move to ESPN. Last week, Falcons head coach Arthur Smith joined the show following a strange injury situation with rookie running back Bijan Robinson and addressed it with McAfee.

Clearly, something about the format and mood of the show makes even typically stoic coaches open up. Pederson of course is going to praise a move by his own executives. But most team PR staff would avoid having a coach on live television during deadline day in the first place.

Yet McAfee simply laid out the trade, covered the Vikings’ side quickly, and gave Pederson a positive setup based on the Jaguars’ strong start to the NFL season.

Pederson also discussed his team’s carefree energy and how he channels that as a coach.

Bring Pederson back every deadline day so long as the Jags keep buying.

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