Though Jon “Boog” Sciambi and Chipper Jones are calling today’s Wild Card opener between the Cubs and Marlins remotely and from separate locations, they still managed to have some fun.

After Sciambi brought up an anecdote about Marlins manager Don Mattingly and how his birthday was for a long time incorrect thanks in part to being misprinted on a Topps card, Chipper Jones sheepishly mentioned that most of his baseball cards had given him the wrong height and weight, and in a generous direction.

Sciambi’s “I need this” is amazing, as was his reaction when Chipper revealed just how generous the card companies had been for decades:

“That’s awesome! ‘He’s shorter and fatter!’ That’s the story of my life. That’s all my card would have said, it wouldn’t even have numbers. It would have just said ‘Boog Sciambi. He’s shorter and fatter.'”

No one could have predicted this year that Boog and Chipper would be calling an afternoon #3-#6 seed matchup between the Cubs and Marlins from an empty Wrigley Field on ABC, and doing so from outside the park and not even in the same state as each other, but here we are. Actual moments of levity help go a long way towards reducing the weirdness of the circumstances, though, and this one was certainly welcome.

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