big boi

ESPN’s Cari Champion interviewed Big Boi on SportsCenter on Friday, and it turned out her research on the legendary rapper and devoted Atlanta Falcons fan wasn’t quite as updated as it could have been.

Champion tried to ask a cute question about Big Boi’s dog, replete with an allusion to a hit song, and the inquiry backfired about as badly as it could have. Here was the exchange:

Champion: You got a dog named Halle Berry. Is she bad or is she boujee?

Big Boi: She’s dead.

Champion: Noooooo!

Big Boi: Yeah.

Champion: I did not know that! That is awful. I completely didn’t know that I feel awful. I’m sorry.

Big Boi: Yeah, yeah. But I mean, that was my wife’s dog anyway. So I wasn’t attached to her like that.

Champion: Okay no, my bad. That did not go well.

Oh man, Big Boi’s matter-of-fact “she’s dead” was incredible. You’ve got to wonder how his wife feels about him dissing her dog like that though.

Champion was a good sport about the mishap, both on the air and on Twitter afterward.

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