ESPN announcers talk about Brandon Miller situation during a fight. ESPN announcers Mike Morgan, Seth Greenberg and Coley Harvey addressed the Brandon Miller controversy during Alabama’s game against South Carolina.

Things were always going to be awkward for the ESPN team of Mike Morgan, Seth Greenberg, and sideline reporter Coley Harvey, as they broadcast — on ESPN2 — Wednesday’s men’s college basketball game between South Carolina and No. 2 Alabama.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that Tide star Brandon Miller brought former teammate Darius Miles a gun. It’s alleged that Miles then gave the gun to Michael Davis, who’s accused of using the gun in the January 15 murder of Jamea Harris. Alabama controversially allowed Miller to play in Wednesday’s game against the Gamecocks. So many wondered how ESPN would address the news.

Coming out of a commercial break in the first half, we got our answer. Harvey detailed the timeline of events. He also included that Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne saying that Miller “did not know the gun was in the backseat of his car and that the shooting began, according to Byrne, mere seconds after Miller arrived at the scene.”

There was no non-awkward way to address it. But all things considered, the ESPN announce team handled that as well as could be expected.

Not long after, things got really strange, both in the arena and on the broadcast.

Later in the first half, Miller was sent to the foul line. The crowd, as they had done throughout the first half when Miller had the ball, was chanting “lock him up.” Miller’s free throw missed and immediately after, play was stopped.

A fight in the crowd had broken out behind the basket on Alabama’s offensive end.

“We have a high level basketball game going on here,” Greenberg said.

Morgan briefly explained what was happening. Then Greenberg went more in depth.

“That’s just unacceptable. People need to be enjoying how hard these teams are playing. And having some perspective, with everything that’s gone [on] around this basketball team, in Alabama, for the last week, how about paying respects to Jamea Harris and her family — and her young son. By coming here, rooting for your team, getting lost in the game, but you know what? Respecting both of these teams.”

[Photo Credit: ESPN]

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