February 19, 2012 – Bristol, CT – Studio D: Host Bob Ley on the set of Outside the Lines.(photo by Rich Arden/ESPN Images)

Bob Ley hasn’t been on ESPN since last fall, when he announced he was taking a six-month leave from the network. It’s been odd not having him on the air, as Ley has been a constant presence at ESPN since the network’s inception in 1979.

Here’s Ley’s closing statement from his last appearance, which also serves as his last tweet:

Those six months were up after March, but Ley hadn’t yet returned. People were bound to notice that, and indeed Ley’s continued absence prompted a query from The Big Lead’s Ryan Glasspiegel, which led to this statement from ESPN announcing the leave had been extended, with no official return date:

“Bob Ley has decided to extend his time away from Outside the Lines. We look forward to Bob’s return when he will add to his unprecedented list of accomplishments built during his nearly 40 years and counting at ESPN. Outside the Lines will continue with hosts Ryan Smith and Jeremy Schaap.”

We still don’t know why Ley has taken this leave of absence. Hopefully he’s back soon, as ESPN is certainly better with him than without.

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