Adnan Virk Credit: The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

Adnan Virk knows what can happen when ESPN brings the hammer down over proprietary info being leaked.

In 2019, Virk was fired without severance by the worldwide leader after it was alleged he leaked news to reporters multiple times. With ESPN leaks back in the news this week due to Pat McAfee and Aaron Rodgers causing a stir with management, Virk made an impromptu appearance on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to weigh in.

“I don’t understand why you guys keep talking about leaks,” Virk interjected during a conversation between Le Batard and Jemele Hill. “Everyone talks. Everyone has a big mouth. Alright, life goes on.”

Virk then attempted to change the topic over to the movies, a subject he covers for Meadowlark Media on his podcast Cinephile.

“Enough about the leaks, go support cinema,” Virk joked.

When Le Batard feigned shock that Virk had infiltrated the production setup, Virk kept going.

“Leaks? I wanted to take a leak when Jo Koy was talking during the Golden Globes monologue,” Virk riffed while the show’s producers faded him out.

It’s good that Virk can have some fun with the whole matter. As McAfee is now alleging of Head of Event and Studio Production Norby Williamson, he’s absolutely right that many at ESPN leak to reporters. Virk just happened to fall on the sword when others did not. And his contract was reportedly voided with no severance on top of having to leave ESPN. Virk later sued ESPN and reportedly settled with his former employer.

Besides the Virk appearance, Le Batard and Hill’s conversation covered what happens when ESPN talent crosses the company’s “shadow president,” Williamson. They discussed the hierarchy of favorites at ESPN and what defines it. They agreed McAfee, who was a made man before joining the worldwide leader, may not maintain support from the company if this continues.

McAfee may have to ask Virk about that.

[The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on YouTube]

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