Adam Schefter Pat McAfee Adam Schefter refused to give up who he was texting on The Pat McAfee Show Monday. Credit: ESPN

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is among the most recognizable sports insiders in the industry. Schefter often totes his phone alongside him, where he’ll get the stories to break as the NFL’s lead insider on the most visible sports network there is.

Sometimes, he’s gotten caught looking on air. Other times, his phone caused a distraction on air. Rarely will we see him take a gander at the texts or his phone without any possible fallout. That was not the case on Monday.

Schefter appeared on the popular Pat McAfee Show on Monday afternoon. Schefter was doing his TV spot when a flurry of texts started to come through. Schefter noted that many of them were “good texts.” But that was all we got out of the NFL Insider.

“What was that?” McAfee said after noticing Schefter looking at his phone.

“It’s a text from uh… um… a text from somebody,” Schefter said, smirking. “What’s your deal?” McAfee asked.

“What do you want me to tell you? What’s my deal?” Schefter cheekily responded. “Good text, good text, good text,” Schefter said, going through his phone. “…Good text,” he closed.

“We hang up here; we’re gonna be busy returning some calls and texts in regards to some information that may or may not have to do with some things around the league,” Schefter said.

Insider culture is a heck of a thing, but Schefter knows Rule #1: Never burn your sources.

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