Being the best-informed man in the NFL is a busy job, and Adam Schefter simply will not put aside his obligations as the all-knowing voice of football news for trivial things like television appearances.

In the spirit of anyone who has ever pulled out his/her phone at the dinner table, Schefter texted his way through a segment on NFL Insiders on Tuesday.

It’s hard to really fault the guy. Seeing Schefter typing vigorously on his phone really only reinforces that show’s “insider” brand, and who wants to listen to Ed Werder talk about Brock Osweiler when you’ve got breaking news on your hands.

As SB Nation points out, Schefter texting/tweeting on live TV is not a new phenomenon. In fact, he’s previously been caught taking a call on air…

… and even eyeing multiple phones at once.

NFL news does not take a break for television appearances, and neither does Schefter.

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