American geography is certainly not a requirement to play football or serve as a football broadcaster, but former quarterback and current ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III proved on Saturday afternoon that he could pass a geography test, if necessary.

During Saturday afternoon’s broadcast of the Nebraska Cornhuskers‘ game against the Wisconsin Badgers, Griffin was quizzed on his Nebraska geography knowledge with a question that asked him to name the six states that border the state of Nebraska.

Griffin started out skeptical, admitting that he didn’t think he knew all of them but was willing to give it a shot.

“I don’t know all of them, so I’m going to throw out some guesses, alright?” Griffin said after reading the question. But then he absolutely nailed it, listing all six of Nebraska’s neighboring states without even a single wrong guess.

Griffin started out by naming Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa with ease, before acknowledging he wasn’t confident about the rest. Griffin then decided to “throw out two randos” – Wyoming and Colorado. Then he finished it up by naming South Dakota.

It’s safe to say that Griffin likely earned some points with the Cornhusker fanbase for his familiarity with their beloved home state.

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