Matt Barrie, Joey Galloway, and Dan Mullen on ESPN CFB coverage. Matt Barrie, Joey Galloway, and Dan Mullen on ESPN CFB coverage. (Awful Announcing on Twitter.)

There’s plenty of criticism out there of the hot takes spouted daily on ESPN studio shows such as Get Up and First Take, including on this site. But it’s rarer to hear discussion of the take level of those shows on a different ESPN program. That’s what Matt Barrie did on the ESPN college football studio show Saturday:

That starts with Barrie saying “If this one’s close, Georgia’s already at risk at being not in the first top four [of the College Football Playoff rankings], if it’s close.” Dan Mullen then says “I think they’re already not in the first top four. Somebody else is going to have to lose. I think they’re not in.” Joey Galloway looks at both quizzically and then says “Are you two nuts?” and Barrie says with a smile “No, we’re just auditioning for First Take and Get Up.” Galloway says “They’re in,” and Barrie says “All hot takes on a Halloween Saturday.”

Barrie does seem to intend that as a joke, and it’s a good one. But it’s funny to hear discussion of the hot takes on First Take and Get Up on a different ESPN show. And it will be interesting to see if there’s any response to that on First Take next week.

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