Jimbo Fisher

It’s natural for any coach at any level to have favorites and least favorites among the media outlets that cover the team, but it’s not often you hear a coach explicitly vocalize those opinions during a press conference. But that’s exactly what Texas A&M Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher did this week.

During his postgame press conference following Saturday afternoon’s Maroon And White spring game, Fisher became aware that the next question would be the final question of the press conference and said that he wanted “a good question” for the last question.

Apparently, Fisher’s request for a “good question” ruled out two outlets: The Houston Chronicle and Sports Illustrated.

“If it’s the last question, it (better) be a good question. I don’t need no Houston Chronicle questions. I need a TexAgs question, a good question,” Fisher said during the press conference according to On3. “Sports Illustrated is just as bad. Sports Illustrated? That ain’t a good one either now. That ain’t a good one either.”

“(It) used to be the gold standard. Dadgum,” Fisher said. “Y’all give me flak and I can’t give you flak? Y’all can’t take it. That got personal.”

Fisher did not go into detail about what he dislikes about the questions from the Houston Chronicle or Sports Illustrated, but it’s safe to say both outlets will now think a little harder before asking a question next press conference.