While he acknowledged that Oregon has a better team than Colorado, Keyshawn Johnson said that other school's coaches helped the Ducks. Photo Credit: FS1 Keyshawn Johnson said that coaches from other teams were helping Oregon prepare for the Deion Sanders-led Colorado team. Photo Credit: FS1

Why was Oregon able to rout the previously undefeated Deion Sanders-led Colorado Buffaloes team on Saturday? Were the Ducks better? Or did they have some help from unusual external sources? According to Keyshawn Johnson, a little bit of both,

Speaking on Undisputed on Monday, Johnson urged anyone overly concerned about Colorado’s decisive loss to not panic. He pointed out that Colorado is 3-1 and also made it clear that the Ducks are better than the Buffaloes, saying “They played against an Oregon team that is better. They’re a better football team.”

But, piggybacking off of a comment made by co-host Skip Bayless, Johnson also said the Ducks were aided by help from other coaches.

“You mentioned, Skip, you were talking about the jealousy of these coaches and how Deion got there. It’s interesting that you said that…So I spoke to somebody in the coaching fraternity right after the game. And they know some people that coach at Oregon. And they were telling me, they said, ‘Man, I’ve never heard from another assistant coach of how much information was being given to that staff,’ about, I’m being real with you, about game-planning against Colorado. So they could beat them.

“That’s the reality of it,” Johnson continued. “I ain’t making this up. I ain’t gonna disclose names, but you all know who I’m talking about if you’re watching.”

That’s certainly an significant allegation. Sanders has certainly been polarizing. It will be interesting to see if more people make these allegations in regard to Colorado’s loss against Oregon, as well as other games going forward.

[Undisputed, Photo Credit: FS1]

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