Washington State Cougars tweet Photo Credit: Washington State Men's Basketball

The Washington State Cougars scored a huge win Saturday night, but it’s what happened afterward that still had the sports world buzzing Sunday.

The No. 19 Cougars scored a huge 77-65 win over Pac-12 rival UCLA, earning their record-tying 14th conference win of the season and leaving them in the hunt for the conference title.

So afterward, someone with the Cougars basketball program or athletic department launched a tweet that left everyone either puzzled, laughing, angry, or some combination of the three.


The tweet really does hit on several different levels. First, there’s the obvious reference to a spam porn account on X/Twitter, with a picture that appears to show a certain 104-year-old nun who is a famous Loyola-Chicago fan (and of course, older women who chase younger men are known as cougars, too).

Then, the WSU account tagged the Big Ten Conference in the tweet. UCLA is leaving the Pac-12 for the Big Ten (the Cougars also knocked off fellow Pac-12-to-Big-Ten defector USC earlier in the week).

Many sports fans assumed the tweet would be deleted after sparking some controversy, but it’s still live a day later.

As noted, fans had a huge range of reactions.


[Washington State Men’s Basketball; Photo Credit: Washington State Men’s Basketball]

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