Keith Olbermann on his Countdown show on March 16, 2023. Keith Olbermann on his Countdown show on March 16, 2023. (Keith Olbermann on Twitter.)

Keith Olbermann was ratioed on Twitter for his criticism of LSU sophomore Angel Reese during Sunday’s NCAA Women’s National Championship Game. As Reese did John Cena’s “You Can’t See Me” gesture toward Iowa’s Caitlin Clark, Olbermann not only called Reese a “fucking idiot,” but called her “mindless” and “classless.”

Many pointed out the hypocrisy of calling out a Reese, but not Clark, who made the same gesture during an Elite Eight game a week before. On Monday morning, Olbermann apologized for “being uninformed” about not knowing that Clark did the same thing, but didn’t take back what he said, saying that both women were wrong. Olbermann then followed that up with a transcribed section from his Countdown podcast where he said “women’s hoops has now achieved parity with the men: its stars can be classless winners who are willing to overshadow their own team’s victories.”

Olbermann wasn’t the only person to be critical of Reese, but many took him to task for his comments. Olbermann touched on something that, quite honestly, everyone on social media needs to keep in mind. You don’t have to post your opinion on every single topic that’s out there. If you’re uninformed about a certain topic, and aren’t willing to educate yourself, you can always sit out and not risk looking like a fool.

Then again, Olbermann knows a lot about baseball and recently had a similarly appalling take about the World Baseball Classic, as he claimed it “split up teammates based on where their grandmothers got laid.” Olbermann sort of apologized for that as well.

If I may be blunt, this seems like the exact kind of thing someone like Olbermann would use to obliterate those in the conservative media if they had done the same thing he did. Maybe Olbermann should name himself the “Worst Person in the World” this week.

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